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North Texas RPG Convention

We just got back from the second annual North Texas RPG Convention this weekend, and we are exhausted!  In a good way, though...lots of games run all weekend long, and most of them were various out of print RPGs such as 1st edition AD&D, the Holmes Basic version of D&D, as well as current reprints of the old D&D/AD&D games which can be found under the names of Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry.  For those who care, that's made possible by the Open Game License which Wizards of the Coast placed into effect when they published the 3rd edition of D&D several years ago (and which I strongly suspect they now regret having done).  In any case, there were many "old school" games available to play and a larger turnout in the con's second year than in its first.  The person who came from the farthest away just to be able to play the old games was an older man from England!  He was certainly not the only one there who was not from Texas, however.

I could go into details about the guest list for the convention, but it's easier to refer people who are interested to the website www.ntrpgcon.com--suffice to say that there were several guys from "back in the day" who worked for TSR, as well those who worked for some of the smaller game companies around in the 70s/80s such as Judges' Guild.  Like last year, it was a great opportunity to meet and get to know some of these people; because it's such a niche-interest area of gaming nowadays and because the convention is still so new and relatively unknown, it's a small and intimate group and easy to really talk to the people who helped make RPGs what they were.

M and I saw several people we remembered from last year's convention, and got to renew some acquaintances as well as meet new friends.  One of the guys we met and gamed with was a Catholic priest!  With his putting in a word or two in the right places, we came out on top and were not killed by bugbears (thank you, Father Bryan!).  We played in two game sessions of four hours each on Saturday, and I attended a couple of panels as well.  We had some really great pizza from a local place called i Fratelli on Saturday night, and managed to not spend much at the dealer rooms.  The collector in M was practically drooling at some of the rare and out of print magazines, adventure modules, and books that were available for sale there.  Many of them were in amazingly good condition, too.  The Victoriana/steampunk enthusiast in me was reacting much the same way to one of the tables which had some unbelievable-looking costumes and accessories, including some nicely tooled leather and brass-fitted "mad scientist" goggles with different colored lenses in them.  Ah, to be independently wealthy...

All in all, it was a lot of fun and we're already looking forward to attending again next year!